Shift The Narrative

Throughout the course of gathering information for this project, it has been disappointing to realize that the racist notions and stereotypes of a cuisine which I cherish so dearly are ingrained so deeply in American culture. I have found that narratives of minority groups in the United States are created, spread, and maintained by historical and structural decisions often out of the control of minority groups themselves. Through this project, I have attempted to reclaim the narrative of a specific demographic within a specific aspect of social life.

I hope that my research will inspire and encourage a wider audience to engage in the complicated conversations of the Chinese American experience. At the same time, I aim to use this project as a foundation for my future personal projects as I strive towards my goal of shifting the narrative of Chinese food and Chinese Americans in the United States.


  • Read my manifesto: Dispelling the “Model Minority” Myth: How the Myth Perpetuates White Supremacy Ideology & What Must Be Done to End the Cycle
  • This summer, I will be formulating an action project to exhibit my research as a museum exhibit in NYC as a Humanity in Action fellow. More updates to come.

If you are interested in collaborating or learning more about my personal projects, please contact me at:

November 21, 2018